A new picture from Dan Yeager in his directorial debut. "I think I've finally written a worthy follow-up to my work as Leatherface in Texas Chainsaw." — Dan Yeager


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Slaughter Farm: Stories often start with a catalyst, or spark, that sends a protagonist on a journey to right past wrong turns and relationships. Meet Rosemary. She is determined to do something bigger than she ever has in an effort to find herself by taking a very long journey with a friend. What she doesn't expect however, is to find her inner-strength, being tested in a way that she never thought possible on a California trail; even in her worst nightmares. Being faced with an unimaginable choice she has to decide to live, or to take the life of another. Don't get all noble on us. Sometimes deciding to do the unimaginable becomes... imaginable. In some stories the protagonist "becomes" the antagonist. What will Rosemary decide to do when she looks Hell straight in the face? Find out in 2016. 

It takes a very special doctor to remove the cornea. Slaughter Farm has such a doctor and you will meet him soon. You've seen him before but not cutting with quite this precision. No, his talents have improved although he's quite mad. Yes, and he lost his license to practice legally quite some time ago. You have to respect a man with a vision; if you'll pardon the pun. It would also behoove you to not mention the part I said about being mad if you ever have the misfortune of meeting him. That is more of a pedestrian term and he's much too sophisticated in his education and... tastes... to put up with pedestrian language. Oh, one more thing, the Dr. doesn't believe in anesthesia....

Often in life you meet a fella like One-Kick. One-Kick isn't just a mountain of a man, he's also a biker. He's a biker in a motorcycle club. Men like this can be soft-spoken but carry one hell of a punch, and even more loyalty. If you ever want to meet One-Kick, and think you have enough charm to get him to talk, you can find him at the Last Roundup Bar in Southern California. There are several colorful characters at the Last Roundup. Most of them are of course bikers, but some of them are just passing by on the road to bigger and, scarier people, er, rather I meant, things... 

Artwork by Stephen T. Smyth http://stephentsmyth.com


Learn more about the people of Slaughter Farm:

Meet Edgar Slaughter. Edgar is an enigma and a giant of a human with enormous strength. He is the product of a mother who drank all manner of chemical and took every drug she could get ahold of...half hoping to abort the fetus she hated. She just wanted the pain to end. Edgar survived, but he ain't right. A glandular malformation has made him a muscular beast of burden, and a dedicated instrument of his brother Robert’s will. A skull protector that has been modified over the years protects his fontanelle that never closed, but also squeezes his soft skull, causing him chronic pain. He's a giant that wields an ax handle so as to not permanently damage the product. However, should he decide to permanently damage you, you would wish the blade was at the end of the handle for a quicker death. 

Meet Robert Slaughter. He resents his position as head of the family – a position thrust upon him when his younger brother Edgar bludgeoned their father to death because he was beating him. He has always appreciated the loyalty of Edgar since then but that don't change much. He drinks good whiskey, shunning the moonshine his brother Levi makes, like their father before them. He is a ruthless killer, but you'd swear he was your best friend if you ever met him. He is a good-looking narcissist and would kill you in a heartbeat. Pray you never meet this man on the Pacific Crest Trail

Meet Levi Slaughter. He's the middle brother of three and has always been the peacemaker. Levi knows his place in the pecking order of the Slaughter men. His mother gave up on his older brother Robert, but tried to save Levi with religion. She often said, "You can't argue with the good book." He is a devout Christian with his own "special" take on faith and salvation. He knows he is not smart, suffering from several deficiencies, both mental and physical, brought on by his mother's chemical abuses. Damn that woman. 

Meet Lisa. When you start out on an adventure like hiking the Pacific Crest Trail you can go it alone or bring a friend to share the challenges. Lisa starts the hike with her best friend Rosemary, who needs to find herself if you recall, with the best of intentions but often the best laid plans go awry. Very, very, awry.

Meet Puch. He is a member of the Poltroons M.C., Bakersfield, and rides a 1964 Panhead. However, that's not the member status that he enjoys talking about, and, "demonstrating," the most. He's a good guy and when the chips are down you could do worse than having Puch on your side. He can be found just off the Pacific Crest Trail at the Last Roundup Bar with One Kick.