Welcome to BADangerPictures.com! - By Ron Scott

Welcome friends!

As I'm writing this we just have a few more details to put into our new BADanger Pictures company website. I hope you find something interesting here, and if you do, please share it on your social media feeds. Each and every new "Like" for our Facebook page, or follower on Twitter, etc, counts.  It counts a lot.  I know some of you have really been helping us and spreading the word. 

We have carefully chosen each page and type of content that you see on this website.

I'd like to give you a guided tour now of the website and if you have any questions, please reach out to me at ronscottjr@gmail.com. 

Home: Home is where the heart is. Our home page is the heart of our website. There you will find all of the links to our social media feeds and it's also an area where you can see most of what's going on with our social feeds all at once. If you're looking for something in particular, you will find the search box there as well.

Coming Attractions: Here we are conjuring up the old cinema experience where all information about our scripts and movies are located.  We will be releasing information here in a strategic way so as to not hit you over the head with everything all at once. We have some very talented artists working on movie posters and film scenes to bring our characters and stories to life. 

Shop Now!: Here you will find a link to our "Print on Demand" store at Zazzle. Dan created some wonderful designs for t-shirts, coffee mugs, hats, and more. Each and every thing that you buy will help us bring our scripts to a screen near you.

FUNdraising: This might just be your favorite section on our website. For me it's a close second behind "Coming Attractions." There are some items in the FUNdraising page that are incredibly rare. If you, or anyone you might know, is a serious collector, please check this page out or pass it on to a friend. 

Help Out!: This page is dedicated to summarizing all of the different ways that you can help us out.  It takes a tremendous amount of effort, skill, and money, to make movies.  You can find the total list of how you can help on this page.

The Inner Sanctum: I'm not sure I'd even look in there if I were you. It is for the most serious and inquisitive minds that believe they truly have a skill that we can use. You should probably just not click on that link as it could result in hundreds of hours of work while you chase your dreams to make movies.

Events: Learn where the BADanger Pictures' people will be, either individually, or as a group. We want to meet you so come out and say hello.

Blog: Well, you're in the blog now so it should be self-explanatory! Seriously though,  as we gain traction in the film production industry we'll be keeping you updated here. We'll of course add blog links to our social media outlets so MAKE SURE you are following us.

About Us: BADanger Pictures has been helped by several people over the last year or so but it's in this section of the website that you can learn more about Dan Yeager and Ron Scott who are the primary driving forces behind the company.

Contact: Have a burning question or comment? That's where you go to get in touch with us. We can't promise to reply to every inquiry but we promise to try!

Social Media:  There are social icons on every page of this website so you really have no excuse not to follow us and share our content! If you don't share our website, "YOU BETTER RUN!"

Thank you for stopping by today!
Ron Scott