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Bad Anger Pictures is the cinematic brand of Dan Yeager and Ron Scott. We are a start-up studio focused on the Horror genre, producing original works. We are working toward having as complete an in-house production capacity as possible, bringing together people, equipment and facilities under one roof.

Volition is in pre-production now. Watch this video. Listen to our pitch. Join the Bad Anger Pictures family today! We NEED you!


Bad Anger Pictures new company logo!

Bad Anger pictures - new logo

We are pleased to announce that we have a brand new company logo for Bad Anger Pictures. We worked with Shannon Keith to bring this logo to fruition. We'd like to thank Shannon for her help.

We are currently working to update our website and products with the new logo. Stand by!

Get Involved Today!

There are several ways that you can get involved to help our fantastic scripts to become films. We are working hard behind-the-scenes to make it happen and you can help!

Help Out! 



Pre-production for a short film called "Volition" is underway for what will be the first film by Bad Anger Pictures. This movie not only has one hell of a script, but offers some highly technical and ambitious challenges for our company.
Stay tunes for more information coming soon. 


Interested in very rare horror collectibles? Or do you know someone that collects? We have some very rare items for sale that you would be challenged to find anywhere else. It will also help us fund our company so that we can bring to you, and the world, our incredible movies.

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